Why Sputnik Web

Sputnik Web is a server-side application, only a web browser is required on client.
Sputnik Web allows you to publish your content and manage access to it.
Sputnik Web is designed for 3D data.
Sputnik Web accepts data created in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

Locations gallery


Upload one or several GeoTIFF images as a georeferenced orthophoto. Several GeoTIFFs is often used on large data sets to overcome the size limit of a single GeoTIFF.

Mark a point on the map and link it with outside resource which will be shown by click on the same page.

Upload one or several GeoTIFFs as a georeferenced digital elevation model. Several DEM GeoTIFFs may be used for the same reason, to overcome the size limit of a single GeoTIFF.

Sputnik Web allow to calculate length and height, area and volume on a 3D model or DEM.

Upload a georeferenced 3D models in Agisoft Photoscan format. The size of the models is not limited.

Sputnik Web is able to create 3D model of terrain, building or other object using your aerial photographs from drone or smartphone.

Upload your data as layers once and then group them into locations in many ways where location is a unit of visualization

Generate HTML code with the desired scene and embed it in other web pages.

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